Family, boudoir, & anniversary sessions begin at $350.

Elopement & wedding packages begin at $1,800.

Please feel free to reach out at erin.traum@gmail.com for further questions and availability.


Why do you shoot on film?

Remember when you were young and you stood by idly as your parents loaded rolls of film into a camera? Probably on a family vacation, you waited impatiently as your parents framed you against waves crashing on the beach, the Grand Canyon, or an interesting piece of art. Like them, I find great satisfaction in waiting for the right shot. I know that I have a limited number of exposures on each roll, so I am very deliberate each time I press the shutter release button. 

While digital cameras have come a long way, I love that film photos feel so atmospheric and emotive. For me, film forces a mindfulness and attentiveness to the present moment that I lose with digital work. And for my clients, film captures precious memories on a medium that will never go out of style. Film photos have a luminosity and softness about them that no trendy filter or preset can achieve. Above all else, I treasure film for its ability to capture emotion and mood in a way that digital photos simply cannot.

Why is film photography more expensive?

Film is more expensive because it comes with upfront costs that digital does not. Each roll of film comes at a fixed price, as does the processing and scanning of each image into a digital format that can be downloaded, printed, and shared. 

Will I receive digital copies of my images? 

Yes! My film lab develops, processes, and scans all of my negatives into a downloadable jpg format. After I cull and edit the images, you will receive all of them in an online gallery to download, just like you would from other digital photographers.

How many images will I receive? 

I average about 40 images per hour.

A B O U T   M E 

I am a film photographer based in Miami, Florida. When I’m not behind the camera, you can find me training and competing in Olympic weightlifting, cooking through a new cookbook (right now that's "Six Seasons"), or reading a novel. I have the immense joy of sharing my life with my husband, Michael, and our sweet angel dog, Brody. 

K I N D   W O R D S 

"Erin was so professional and easy to work with! She went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable, and our pictures did not feel posed. She was very punctual to our wedding and even though it rained she did not hesitate to get wet with us and share in the rainy day. She also kept communicating with me at all times, from months before the wedding to the week of. I couldn’t have chosen a better photographer for my wedding! I can’t wait to work with her again in the future!"

- Yusmila, wedding package

"Erin was able to capture our family so beautifully! She is so kind and made the whole shoot fun and relaxed. Leading up to the shoot she was in constant contact with us and even helped me choose outfits for myself and my family. Her ability to capture pure emotions is incredible. Not once did she have to tell us to smile, instead she made the whole shoot like a day with a friend you have known forever so smiles and laughs came naturally. I never thought someone could capture love in someone’s eyes, but she did it!" 

- Christina, family session

"We were lucky enough to work with Erin on our engagement shoot, and I knew from seeing her previous work that she was exactly the right choice for us. All of her shots were light, airy and totally dreamy, and she made my camera-shy fiance look like a model. We'd recommend her to anyone looking for gorgeous photos for their important life moments. Thank you, Erin!"

- Amanda, engagement session

"Working with Erin was a wonderful experience. We got family portraits done and she couldn't have been more professional. She worked great with our young children and was very patient with them. The photos turned out amazing! We have hung many of them up aroud the house. We could definitely recommend her and will use her again!"

- Patrick, family session

"Shooting with Erin was amazing - she made me feel very comfortable in front of the camera and the images she captured were even more beautiful than I could have imagined! Highly recommend!"

- Peirce, portrait session

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